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Why are you reading this?


We at Fisheye Hub are not interested in intentionally selling your data. Nada, Zilch, zero…! Because our business model is not to gain revenue by selling anyone's personal data! That is really not cool! 


If it ever comes to a point where we have to pass your data to anyone outside the Fisheye Hub, after we have anonymised the data and decide to give it for some specific use, we will tell you how and why we do that. Until then, the rule of no selling, sharing or exchanging of data applies to the whole of the Fisheye family! Please help us propagate this principle of personal data security, share the app with your friends!


Note, the legal requirements of the land would want you to accept the legalese stuff below (bleh!), or they won’t let us launch the app (bigger bleh)! We are told this is for our protection and that of yours. No choice!


Its free until 31st Jan 2023


From the 1st of Feb 2023, the app will cost £2.49. For those users who will try and download it before that, we say- "you are awesome, cool and clever". So spread the goodness, let there be more free users. The current set of apps will remain free for the initial users (pre-1st Nov’18) for life. If someone does not use this app for 6 months or more, your account is closed and then deleted. You will have to login as a new user. If you make it clear you don't want to touch our stuff, we don't want your stuff too, (another bleh)!


Bad things you cannot do

We are a very small organisation and you are the good people of this planet, so we don’t expect you to steal any of our stuff, our IP or our offering. If you do see another alien or another fellow human getting involved in such bad karma, or you intend to become a self-righteous Thanos like person, please make sure you read our note below:


  1. Do not steal any of our intellectual property, please! Do you know it took us 10 years to get it to this stage! And a lot of money! My children could have had a better food and clothing for that kind of  money! Ask my partner, she will agree!

  2. Don’t do stuff you’re not supposed to or don’t have permission for. Common sense! Duh?!!

  3. Please don’t be a meanie who treats others badly, like an online baddie who discriminates, defrauds, hates, or acts like an idiot, because they can. We will definitely ban you, block you and discriminate you out of Fisheye, because we can! Smiley face!

  4. Please don’t spam us or our lovely user of Fisheye Hub, or anyone (what’s wrong with people!!), or use this site to sell anything without our permission.

  5. We don’t give you any virus, likewise, please don’t give us viruses or hack your way into our systems. We don’t really like that. Nor do our users. Bad karma! 

  6. Please do not post hurtful comments or things on our blog (when the Fishmonger’s blog site goes live). We are open to positive criticism, not abuse (again - after a more dramatic pause- What’s wrong with people!!).

  7. Don’t do other things that we don’t like. It is up to us what we like, hah! Or we will ban you and/ or block you out of the Fisheye Hub, because we can! Big smiley face!


That's it people! Let's live a life where we respect each other's privacy!


By using this site or our mobile applications you accept the terms and conditions set by our lawyers. However, if you don't like us, you are welcome to leave

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