Lookout Based Apps
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Personal, Home, Communal Security

Lookout is a safety and security feature which can be used for a range of purposes including; personal, business, and community security. Businesses can track valuable assets whilst users can create sessions and choose specific contacts, or ‘lookouts’, to receive alerts when you check-in to certain locations. These lookouts are also able to track your location and send messages internally. This feature is great for meetings, dates, and late night travel as delayed check-ins will switch the app to emergency mode. This will notify your designated lookout the app will increase its tracking frequency. Lookout also gives authorities and security agencies an overview of historic emergency track on web portals which is enabled via secure open API integration.

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My Lookout

Mobile to Mobile, direct user notification system which is aimed primarily at women, children, the elderly, and people who might be vulnerable, and are capable of using a mobile device.

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Lookout Sentry

User notification system which is augmented with RFID/ Bluetooth tags and stickers which can be stuck/ attached to personal valuables. This allows home owners or asset owners to setup a remote monitoring system, so that when a tagged items leaves the house, the home owner or asset owner receives a notification on their mobile.

Lookout Nanny
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Bluetooth and RFID to Mobile, direct user notification system which is aimed primarily at women, children, the elderly, and people, (or even pets), who might be vulnerable, and can have wearable technology on their person or capable of using a mobile device.

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This is an augmentation of Lookout Sentry whereby the communities are made of up of a group of sentries, to be utilised within community-based security solutions such as neighbourhood watch schemes, 

and could  also be easily paired with smart city infrastructure solutions.