Privacy Invasion  

Seven years ago, I was searching for an app which would allow a member of my family to safely share her location whilst she was travelling. We wanted to keep the tracking data private and be aware of how our location data is shared over the internet. It is understandable that our data moves across systems but it is not acceptable for any data to be shared. There are unfortunately very few apps that comply with this requirement. This is how Fisheye Hub is different…..

Recent Media articles on Privacy

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The Guardian on Facebook sharing personal data

Fisheye is Multilingual

If you want a new language, shout out!
  1. Email us
  2. We request translation of some basic words
  3. We wait for another 2 requests for the same language.
  4. We test it with you and ...
  5. Go live​
It is really that simple.
Fisheye Hub is available for use anywhere on the globe, as long as you have an app and internet connectivity. We have now made this app available in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Korean.
You get the controls

Add Your Encryption
'LOCK' your data. Business users can secure a premium version of Fisheye to add their own encryption or their 'LOCK' on their data
Self-Delete personal data
You initiate a self-deletion of your data, and we implement it immediately. This includes all your personal data, any 3rd party information like phone books that you will have uploaded. Backups will also get deleted as per the backup cycle. 
Any location sharing inside fisheye is time-bound and time-limiting, that expires as set by you