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Smart and Secure Address Book

Sync is an address book with a simple user interface which aims to help you protect your privacy and decide who you share data with. By default, all users share no personal information. You can then decide which personal details they wish to share and who they wish to share them with. ​


The data collected when using this feature is never synchronised back to your mobile device. It works as a one-way update only. When a user deletes their account on Fisheye Hub, their data, including all their Sync data, is deleted instantly from our servers.

Sync allows you to send or request a location from other Fisheye Hub users with a message. This request operates as a one-off share. After it is viewed, the data is then deleted and cannot be viewed again. This feature is a great way to communicate with friends and family but also people you are yet to meet, for instance, blind-dates or business associates.

If you have high-security needs, sync can be used as a black-book for your personal addresses.

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