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Fisheye Hub was born from my families need to safely share personal information with one another. This made me realise that most apps lack not only privacy, but also fail to augment human behaviour. Unfortunately, technology in our global market is designed to extract users data. Have you ever signed a  lengthy terms and conditions form without reading it first? Well be warned, this is how most online platforms legally access a range of your personal data. This sensitive data can then be used in a variety of ways, putting you at risk. Scarily, the security of most of these sites is incredibly

low, making data breaches all to common. However, at Fisheye Hub we are proud to be different, promising our users that we will never keep any of their data on our servers!

We have created an ethical platform which connects people in a secure environment, whilst giving its users complete control of their data. Fisheye Hub’s uniqueness is in its ability to offer a wide range of features from one place. Our app can be used for anything that requires a mix of the following; a location, an information exchange to enable a transaction, and a need for data security or privacy. Our vision is to be viewed as a trusted tool which allows people and businesses to safely exchange information, track locations, and communicate securely.

Over the past four years, we have engaged users through focus groups and one-to-one sessions to understand the requirements of a safety and security app. By conducting this market research, automation and digital technology has been developed which is able to augment human behaviour. We constructed Fisheye Hub as an ethical location tracking system and its features and capabilities are beginning to expand and grow.


- The Fishmonger

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