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Is Your Data Safe?

There’s an app for everything nowadays, making our lives easier and more convenient than ever before. However, without you even realising it, these helpful little apps can have reams of your personal information stored on their servers.

We have all done it, downloaded an app and agreed to its terms and conditions without thinking twice about it. This then gives the apps permission to view a whole heap of your personal information. From email addresses and credit card details to your location and text messages, these apps can access it all. Sometimes this data collection is necessary for an app to work properly, for instance, Instagram would be pretty useless if it couldn't access your camera or photo library. However, the collection of highly sensitive information increases the risk of hacking and cyber attacks, which can be detrimental for apps and their users.

There is no doubt that apps collect more data than is necessary. This is frightening in itself but when 70% of apps share this data with third-party companies, things can get a whole lot worse. Essentially, once you allow an app to collect your personal information, it can then share your data with whoever they want to. Who knows whether these third parties will be responsible for your email address and credit card details or here’s how to protect your data!

Limit the number of apps you download and use. This will significantly reduce the amount of personal information third parties can access. This can be difficult as a lot of apps provide useful features such as location sharing and tracking. But do you want to run the risk of having unknown parties spying on your every move?! Fisheye Hub is a great solution to this issue as users can securely share or request locations via the MeetMe function. Use MeetMe and feel safe knowing that none of your data is being mined, used or shared unless you have chosen to do so with specific recipients. The MeetMe feature is perfect for organising blind dates or meetings with unknown individuals. You are able to securely chat inside a closed group and share or request locations from users. Depending on how the meeting or date ended, you have the freedom to scrub the tracking data and conversation. This removes the opportunity for third-parties or hackers to access your personal data, letting you control your digital footprint!

Delete chat histories. This will limit the amount of data an app can send to the cloud. But who wants to sift through multiple apps and devices deleting old conversations? Luckily for you, Fisheye Hub provides an alternative so you don’t have to spend time manually deleting your messages. The Fisheye Hub app allows you to safely communicate with other users within the platform or via external apps such as WhatsApp. Fisheye Hub is a secure platform, we never retain any information on our servers, which prevents data breaches and the subsequent loss of personal data!

Only buy apps from trusted sites. Online stores such as the App Store and Google Play have lengthy legal requirements which ensure apps are safe for consumers to download and use. Downloading unapproved apps can be a serious security threat, as hackers can use them as an access point to unleash malicious software. This could lead to data being lost, corrupted or even worse, stolen. Fisheye Hub is only available via the App Store (coming soon to Google Play!), so you be confident that your device will be safe and secure!

Apps aim to provide solutions to modern age issues, but when they are responsible for large amounts of personal data you run the risk of this information being shared or stolen. The dark web trades in Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in large volumes every day in large volumes. This is because our data is always available and is easy for hackers to exploit and sell. The Fisheye Hub app never stores any tracking data on its servers, whilst keeping data private by default, letting users choose what they wish to share and with whom. Therefore, there is no possibility that your details will be leaked or exploited with any third parties!

Discover how you can securely chat, track locations and share information by downloading the app or by getting in touch! We are more than happy to tell you more about how Fisheye Hub can protect your data!

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