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Convenience And Privacy At Your Finger Tips

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Privacy and Meeting organiser

Welcome to a world where you control your digital footprint

Secure Phonebook

A smart address book that can operate as a secure black book for any users. It allows you to securely share your location with a short message!

Data Privacy, Personal Security, Secure chat

Have you ever signed a  lengthy terms and conditions form without reading it first? Well be warned, this is how most online platforms legally access a range of your personal data.

Fisheye Hub’s uniqueness is in its ability to offer a wide range of features from one place. Our app can be used for anything that requires a mix of the following; a location, an information exchange to enable a transaction, and a need for data security or privacy. Our vision is to be viewed as a trusted tool which allows people and businesses to safely exchange information, track locations, and communicate securely.

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